Picture of Jaime StaplesJaime Staples

Jaime Staples

Jaime is a Poker Professional, Broadcaster, Creator, and Poker Influencer. He has played poker for six years, and has played professionally full time for two years. In April of 2015, Jaime became a PokerStars ambassador and a Team Online member. For business contact with PokerStaples, reach out here. To connect personally, feel free to reach out on Social Media!

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Picture of Jan HenningJan Henning

Jan Henning

Jan Henning has years of experience leading and participating in a professional gaming outfit from leading Team Saw in 2012 to Team Elevate as Chief Development Officer and Co-Owner. He ensures strong public relations by assisting with social media content, website content, and helping the PokerStaples brand grow its reach and impact. Jan Henning currently works as Community Management for PokerStaples.

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Picture of Brynjar GigjaBrynjar Gigja

Brynjar Gigja

Educated at Animation Mentor, Gigja has over 15 years of experience in the creative entertainment industry. Gigja has had key roles as a creative producer, games producer and designer as well as he was the co-founder/creator of Jivaro and NARC. Gigja plans and creates all the creative aspects of the PokerStaples shows: emotes, animations, transitions, graphic design, and larger projects like brand implementation, technical help, and gathering community feedback.

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